If the old saying is correct and "you are what you eat"
why not eat foods that reinforce your hip urban life-
style? Food is fun, invigorating, sexy, decadent,
colorful, playful and cathartic. At Cook From the Hip
we understand that food is a large part of your holistic
experience in New York City. It is the social currency
that brings you together with friends and allows you to
express who you are and who you want to be.

We believe that everyone should have food the way they
want it. Most bakeries and restaurants only offer you
what they like. Let us bring you classic dishes and
baked goods based on the ingredients you like to eat.
We can improvise a fusion meal or a celebration dessert
to reflect you favorite flavors and cuisines. Plus with
a background in design, the plate and even your dining
room can reflect a modern style to match.

Copyright © 2007 Christina Goldschmidt